There are many people who have contributed in one way or another to the development of this application, this space is to thank them for their help and support, especially ...

... to those who put up with us while we built this
@lalasauria y Viviana

... to those who helped us to give life to @dadinci
@Zak_MD y VictoriaSwett

... to those gave us some ideas to be developed
@Ardid9, @JaimeR13, @Angel_Flama, @dSmk y @emilionoguera

... to those who helped us with translation
TobyGerchcovich, VerónicaGrand, SaiyanPrincess, FelipeDeCastro y GonzaloGuerrero

and finaly to all who helped us to test the different functionalities
@RodolfoReal, @3d0, @morovillar, @Glorits, @kurakensama, @PhantomGangster, @Atali, @HugoFuentes, @chidalgo y @luciernaga_nyx
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