Twitter and Telegram bot that generate random numbers, to simulate dice rolls (and other stuff), using advance pseudorandom generator algorith

Developed by @filupa and @juanjosaurio
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How Does it Work?

Send a message to the Twitter account or Telegram Bot to get the result as response.

You can add comments using hash symbol (#), after the code you use. The comments will be added to the response.

The system will always try to show the results in all die rolls between square brackets ("[ ]").


On Twitter

Your tweet must begin with @dadinci followed by the code you want
("@dadinci 4d10", "@dadinci 5G4").

Due to Twitter's restrictions, it's not possible to send an answer to protected accounts.

The message will have a maximum size of 280 character.

Some of the answer can be delivered in other languages, this depend of the language configuration of your account.


On Telegram

Add @DadinciBot to your contact list and follow the initial instructions.

You message must start with /roll followed by the code you want
("/roll 4d10", "/roll 5G4").

Can be added in a group, and each response will be tagged with the username of the sender.


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There are many people who have contributed in one way or another to the development of this application,
this space is to thank them for their help and support, especially ...
... to those who put up with us while we built this
@lalasauria and Viviana
... to those who helped us to give life to @dadinci
@Zak_MD and VictoriaSwett
... to those gave us some ideas to be developed
@Ardid9, @JaimeR13, @Angel_Flama, @dSmk and @emilionoguera
... to those who helped us with translation (for Twitter)
TobyGerchcovich, VerónicaGrand, SaiyanPrincess, FelipeDeCastro and GonzaloGuerrero
and finaly to all who helped us to test the different functionalities
@RodolfoReal, @3d0, @morovillar, @Glorits, @kurakensama, @PhantomGangster, @Atali, @HugoFuentes, @chidalgo and @luciernaga_nyx